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brake adaptor

brake adaptor

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Brake adaptor drops the brakes by 3/4" to run ISO 406 wheels ( Pro size ) on frames which is build for ISO 451 wheels ( expert 1 3/8 )

1. Use a 9mm open end wrench to
unscrew the brakepost out of the
2. Do the same to the other side. Be
sure to grease the threads on the bolt
and brakepost before you install.
3. Place the VPS Adapters over the
brakepost mount, putting the pin in
the center of the three small spring
tension holes.

A very small percentage of frames are machined with a 10mm x 1.0 pitch thread for the brake post.
If you experience difficulty threading the VPS mounting bolt into your frame or your brake post does
not thread into the VPS mount this is the cause. Contact Bombshell for additional help on this.
4. Place the 8mm bolt in the original
brakepost mount. Use an 8mm socket
on end wrench to tighten the bolt.
5. After the VPS Adapter is tight, install
the brakepost into the upper brakepost
6. Tighten the brakepost with an 9mm
open end wrench.
7. Grease the brakepost before installing
the brakes, so that your brakes
will work smoothly.

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